Colasoft Capsa Professional

Colasoft Capsa Professional 11.1

Analyzes and monitors packets in a network
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Colasoft LLC
Manage and maintain the local network by monitoring its operations, isolating and eradicating errors in the packets transferred at a particular time. The suite identifies bandwidth use and protocols, decodes packet contents and checks it for integrity and stability.

Colasoft Capsa 6.9 is a network diagnosis and a packet decoding utility.
This utility monitors all the network traffic over the local host and the local network; besides it captures packets in real time for their analysis. Some of the tasks that can be done with this utility are: network traffic analysis, network communication monitoring, diagnose network problems, improve network security, improve network performance and analyze network protocols.
This utility captures the packets from the network adapter. One great feature is that it can analyze information of email messages, FTP Transfers, HTTP requests, DNS, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AOL and ICQ.
The information is divided by tabs ordering information for a better analysis. On the Summary tab shows general statistics; the Diagnosis tab shows all the diagnosis events this will help to improve the performance of the network; Endpoints tab allows you the analysis of the information transactions performing by each device on the network; Protocols tab shows the analysis of the information transactions divided by protocols; Conversations tab shows the information exchange between all devices in the network providing useful information on each conversation between devices; Matrix tab allows graphically to see the connections made by each IP address; Packets tab shows all packets and general information on each one of them taking from its capture, also by selecting any packet will provide a very detailed information about it; Logs tab provides detailed information from email, messengers, FTP transfers, etc; Graphs tab graphically shows packets and protocols analysis; finally Reports tab has some reports to analyze all the information provided in the other tabs.
Colasoft Capsa includes four external tools: MAC Scanner, Packet Builder, Packet Player and Ping tool. All these tools are very helpful and they provide a plus for this good utility.
The GUI is ordered and divides the main window for a good interaction with all the features of the program. The installation process is very easy to perform. The documentation is not included with the program, but is available at the website.
Packet Analyzer-Colasoft Capsa runs on Windows 2000 (SP4 or later), Windows XP (SP1 or later), Windows Server 2003 (SP2 or later, x64 Edition), Windows Vista (x64 Edition) platforms.

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  • Colasoft Capsa is a complete network utility that provides good information to analyze and detect or solve troubles. You can analyze each piece of the network and the packets on it


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